Introducing JAM HOUSE: A New Beat in Fortnite’s Rhythm

by Dec 1, 2023

JAM HOUSE – A new kind of music experience

Welcome to the future of music and gaming and to our new interactive music experience in Fortnite, called JAM HOUSE! We’re beyond excited to launch this innovative experience, merging the adrenaline of gaming with the soul of music creation.

JAM HOUSE is more than just a new map or mode; it’s a revolution in interactive music experiences. As players, you step into the shoes of a DJ, using Epic Games’ advanced Patchwork modular music tools to create, mix, and perform your unique beats live. Set in a vibrant clubhouse atmosphere, JAM HOUSE offers an electrifying stage where creativity knows no bounds.

What makes JAM HOUSE stand out? It’s the way it transforms every player into both a performer and part of an enthusiastic audience. Up to 99 players can join the experience live, either grooving to the beats or creating their own. The dynamic environment reacts and evolves with your music, making each performance a unique spectacle.

But that’s not all. We’re committed to making JAM HOUSE a space where the Fortnite community can connect, share, and showcase their musical talents. To kickstart this, we’re thrilled to announce our first-ever “Friday Jam”-session, streaming live on Twitch! Join us as we celebrate the launch of JAM HOUSE.

Join us for the First Friday Jam – Live on Twitch

We can’t wait to see how you’ll make JAM HOUSE your stage. Let the music play!

Experience it HERE!


Before we have a trailer ready for you and hopefully some other players trying out the stage and music tools that we can share, you can take a look at our sneak peek video we made a few days before the launch.


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🚀 New JAM HOUSE update! 🎧✨ Check out our latest video as we remix beats with new vocals and samples. Dive in with island code 4507-7088-0098 and share your jams with #jamhouse! 🌈

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🚀 Exciting JAM HOUSE update! 🎧✨ New vocals, floating dance platforms, skin-changing booths, and more! Dive in and remix the beats. Share your jams with #jamhouse! 🎤🌈


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Working on new versions for our two #musicgames part of @mumuverse_com coming up really soon. Really cool what you can do with #Patchwork in #Fortnite.

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