🚀The future of Fortnite started this weekend and will continue this week.🎮 After the big event the “BIG BANG” and its following new chapter 5 of the famous Fortnite game Battle Royal, Fortnite is rolling out THREE mind-blowing experiences that will redefine the way we play and create.

Say goodbye to the notion that Fortnite is just about shooting action games like Battle Royale (even though it isn’t, many people outside the game think it is); we’re stepping into a whole new world of creativity and fun! 🌈

1️⃣ First up, on December 7th, we’re entering a blocky paradise with Lego Fortnite! 🧱🏰 Imagine running around and building in your dream Fortnite world with LEGO bricks – talk about a childhood dream come true! As a LEGO character yourself!

2️⃣ Rev up your engines on December 8th for Rocket Racing! 🏎️💨 Feel the thrill as you speed through outrageous tracks, challenging your friends for the title of the ultimate racer when Fortnite brings the other famous Rocket League game into Fortnite.

3️⃣ Finally, it’s party time on Friday December 9th with Fortnite Festival! 🎉🎶 Embrace the festive vibes with music, games, and unforgettable party moments. Opening up with The Weeknd performing on Saturday! Watch a preview on Youtube tomorrow here.

And guess what? This is just the tip of the iceberg! 🗻🎉 Beyond these new galaxies of game experiences, Fortnite is a universe brimming with thousands of incredible games crafted by talented island creators like us at TOMLIN STUDIO and many more! Check out our slice of Fortnite creativity here and join us in this ever-evolving playground! 🌐

👾 Stay tuned for more news from a creator’s perspective. We look forward to all of these new experiences and are curious and excited about how we, as Fortnite creators, can use these new opportunities to create upcoming games and experiences. 🧐

The future of Fortnite changes the game not only in itself by adding all of these new types of experiences, but we believe we are also watching the beginning of a new immersive way to experience culture. Exciting times! 🤩

Images: Epic Games