🏰 Welcome to the Epic Saga of KNIGHT OF THE HILL! ❄️

Are you prepared to brave the cold and battle for supremacy in the frostbitten landscapes of KNIGHT OF THE HILL? We just released an updated version of our Fortnite game KNIGHT OF THE HILL (island code: 4817-6559-5913) that has made the game much more engaging. Thanks to our playtesters for your feedback!

This game is not just a battle; it’s an epic journey of strategy, resilience, and valor. 🗡️🛡️

In this relentless quest, securing the title of ‘THE KNIGHT OF THE HILL’ is just the beginning. You’ll need to gather resources, outsmart your foes, and adapt to an ever-changing arena of challenges. With continuous action, strategic depth, and immersive medieval melodies (we’ve created the music ourselves), every session is a tale of survival and conquest.

Get a glimpse of your destiny in our thrilling cinematic trailer at the top of this post and immerse yourself in the quest for dominance. The throne awaits, and the crown of the hill could be yours. Will you rise to the challenge?

🎮 Play the KNIGHT OF THE HILL now!

Check out a flythrough video as well below, and let the battle begin! 🏆