Discover DJ BRICK: An Epic Interactive Music Experience in Fortnite

by May 27, 2024

Hey Fortnite fans and music lovers!

We are beyond excited to introduce you to DJ BRICK, our latest creation in the MUMUverse project. This innovative Fortnite LEGO music experience is designed to immerse you in a world of electronic dance music (EDM) where you can be the DJ and control the beats!

Gameplay Overview

In DJ BRICK, you can play solo or team up with friends to create your own EDM party. The game features:

  • Mixing Music with Bricks: Shoot at different bricks to change the bass, vocals, melody, and drums. Each element has its own set of bricks, so you can create unique mixes and sounds. 🎵🔫
  • Flying Around with a Grappler: Explore the room by flying or grappling, discovering new ways to interact with the music and the environment. 🚀🕹️
  • Discover the room and don’t forget to eat or you will lose time with your friends in the room.
  • Having Fun with Friends: Itโ€™s all about playing together and making the most out of this musical adventure. 🎉🎧

Check out our first gameplay video where we demonstrate how to mix up the music and have a blast with friends. You can watch it here.

Play DJ BRICK now!

Use the Fortnite island code: 7941-9209-1438.

Or Play DJ BRICK on Fortnite

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Keep an eye out for new updates and let us know what you think! Weโ€™re committed to creating music games and experiences that you love. 😍

DJ BRICK is part of MUMUverse – a music multiverse that lets you play with music and a collection of Fortnite music mods. To stay updated on our latest releases and upcoming MUMU-memberships, visit our website.

Join us and letโ€™s make some noise! 🎶🕺🎮


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