JAM HOUSE – Your Ultimate DJ Experience in Fortnite

JAM HOUSE [Map code 4507-7088-0098] is a groundbreaking interactive music experience in Fortnite. Step into a club-style environment where you become the star DJ, using Epic Games’ Patchwork tools to mix beats, connect instruments, and control the rhythm live on stage. Perform for up to 99 players in this electrifying blend of gaming, creativity, and music.

JAM HOUSE is part of our MUMUverse project, a music multiverse we’re building in Fortnite. Join our Discord community and help us create a music multiverse that makes an impact!


🎧 Step into JAM HOUSE, the ultimate interactive music experience. Become a star DJ in a dynamic, club-style environment.

🎶 Mix beats, connect instruments, and control the rhythm using Epic Games’ Patchwork tools. Perform live for up to 99 players.

🌟 JAM HOUSE is where gaming, creativity, and music unite for an electrifying experience. Elevate your DJ skills and bring the house down!

🔊 Part of our MUMUverse project, JAM HOUSE offers a unique music multiverse within Fortnite. Check out our latest updates and features for an enhanced DJ experience.


Visual Experience

Designed using Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN), JAM HOUSE immerses you in a visually stunning club environment. The dynamic lighting, vibrant colors, and energetic atmosphere set the perfect stage for your DJ performances.

Engaging Narrative

Step into the shoes of a star DJ and take control of the rhythm in JAM HOUSE. Mix beats, connect instruments, and perform live on stage, captivating an audience of up to 99 players.

As part of the MUMUverse, JAM HOUSE is more than just a game—it’s a platform for creativity and musical expression within Fortnite. Stay updated with new features, including the latest addition of vocal controls.

Dynamic Gameplay

With Epic Games’ Patchwork tools, JAM HOUSE offers an unparalleled interactive music experience. Mix beats, connect instruments, and control the rhythm in real-time, performing for a live audience.

Enhance your DJ skills with new features and updates, including vocal controls, to take your performances to the next level. Whether you’re a seasoned DJ or a beginner, JAM HOUSE provides a platform for creativity and fun.