KNIGHT OF THE HILL – Conquer the Winterland

KNIGHT OF THE HILL is a thrilling Fortnite game set in a snowy winterland where the ultimate goal is to become the KNIGHT OF THE HILL. Eliminate the current knight, take their place, and stay in the sight of the RED EYE to dominate the icy, slippery hill.

When YOU ARE the knight, your mission is to stay alive. When YOU ARE NOT the knight, eliminate the current knight and seize the throne. Let the best knight win!

[Map code: 0873-0442-746] or head over to the game’s Fortnite page directly.


🕒 The snowy winterland awaits. Fight to become the KNIGHT OF THE HILL by taking down the current knight and catching the eye of the hill.

👑 As the knight, stay alive to earn points, XP, and gold coins. Unlock the powerful ‘Infinity Blade’ after 30 minutes.

❄️ Hunt boars, gather power-ups and chop trees for gold. A fun, action-packed game for you and up to 11 other players.

🤺 Ready to prove your valour? Only the strongest will hold the hill!


Visual Experience

Designed using Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN), KNIGHT OF THE HILL immerses you in a visually captivating winterland. The snowy terrain, icy surfaces, and shimmering hill create a breathtaking and challenging environment.

The dynamic weather and changing lighting conditions add layers of realism and immersion, making every battle for the hill unique.

Engaging Narrative

Step into the boots of a warrior fighting for supremacy on a treacherous, icy hill. Your goal is to become the KNIGHT OF THE HILL by dethroning the current knight and maintaining your position under the watchful RED EYE.

As you navigate the winterland, hunt boars, gather power-ups, and chop trees to gain gold coins and strengthen your position.

Dynamic Gameplay

With a maximum of 12 players, KNIGHT OF THE HILL offers intense and strategic gameplay. Fight for dominance, use power-ups to your advantage, and stay alert on the hill.

Unlock the formidable ‘Infinity Blade’ after 30 minutes to turn the tide in your favour. Gather gold coins to enhance your abilities and secure your place as the ultimate knight.