Linda Pierre is a Swedish visual AI creator that loves shapes and forms, colors, popular culture and circular living. She feels strongly that we all need to do what we can to change our lifestyle and the way we think about our part in the world and she has herself begun that journey.  

Linda has got a background as a project manager within design, creative and designer in all of the projects and products that she has worked with for the past 15 years. She has got an eye for the esthetic and has worked within new technology as a trend researcher and analysis, marketing and communication. Besides working with design, analysis and strategy she has also had both video and audio podcasts.

She is educated in marketing and communication at both Umeå university and Linköping university. On top of that, she has got a 2-year education in project management for media production at Academedia in Stockholm. 

Between 2018-2022 she lived in Barcelona and later outside of Girona in a smaller town close to nature. From that experience, she learnt a lot about different cultures and also got to experience a strong lockdown during the outbreak of Covid-19 which made her rethink many things in life. In august 2022 she moved to Norrköping, a middle-sized town in Sweden a couple of hours south of Stockholm

Right now she is diving into creative AI and especially at this moment image generation and its possibilities. With this, she hopes to use her skills and this new way of creating to make people open their eyes to what is happening in the world and actually makes the change necessary. 


I use AI for media production and creative exploration.



I use creative AI services to create images, graphics, patterns and more.

Together with clients in co-creation sessions, I develop ideas and concepts and translate them into visual images that fit the client’s needs. 


By using the visual creative AI tools available I can help clients to explore both the creative part but also the new technology and tools .