PARTY HARD – The Ultimate Fortnite Party

PARTY HARD is a fun and playful free-for-all (FFA) game in Fortnite, designed to immerse you in a world of vibrant colours, catchy music, and intense battles. Eliminate other players, shoot the disco ball for rewards, and choose whether to battle against NPCs or go bot-free. It’s time to have fun and party hard!

[Map code: 5618-0115-1585] or head over to the game’s Fortnite page directly.


🎵 Step into the ultimate party box. Immerse yourself in a world filled with colorful patterns and upbeat music vibes.

💥 Choose your side: Team Tomato or Team Burger. Engage in epic battles with all-new weapons.

🔫 Shoot the disco ball for surprises and rewards. Your party, your rules!

🤖 Decide if you want to face the new Durr Burger and Tomatohead bots. Toggle them on or off for a customized experience.

💰 Spend your gold to arm yourself with a powerful arsenal of destruction. Let the party begin!


Visual Experience

Designed using Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN), PARTY HARD is a visual feast with its graphic touch, colorful patterns, and dynamic lighting effects. The vibrant, playful environment sets the perfect stage for an epic party battle.

The immersive music, created by our team, enhances the experience, making every moment in the party box feel alive and exciting.

Engaging Narrative

Join the ultimate party in a vibrant, dynamic environment where every corner bursts with color and energy. Choose your side—Team Tomato or Team Burger—and battle it out in a fun and chaotic free-for-all.

Shoot the disco ball to unlock surprises and gain an edge over your opponents. Decide whether to challenge AI non-player characters by toggling the new Durr Burger and Tomatohead bots on or off.

Dynamic Gameplay

With up to 12 players, PARTY HARD offers a fast-paced, action-packed experience. Utilize all-new weapons, shoot the disco ball for surprises, and spend your gold to enhance your arsenal.

Toggle the NPC bots to customize your gameplay experience. Whether you prefer fighting against other players or adding the chaos of NPCs, the choice is yours.