Self love in space

We are just like any other species on earth a tiny little creature in a vast infinite space. Many people ask themselves “why am I here?” and might wonder about their purpose in life. Existential questions and thoughts are probably something most people think about at one point or more in their lives. One thing we do know for sure is that we need to treat ourselves with much more kindness. Only then can we be there fully for someone else. 

Self love or hugging yourself with your own arms and more “mental arms” when necessary should be on every person’s “to-do list” or why not a subject at school… Anyway, what we wanted to say with this image could of course be translated into any other thought or opinion. Creative AI can both help you communicate something that can be hard to communicate visually without being too stiff, too strict, too boring, or too polite. Now you can get different kinds of media content for any type of idea, thought, opinion, fact, service or product etc.

Infinite opportunities, just like in space.