Our mission is to help organisations utilise AI for creative and positive purposes as a creative AI partner. Using AI for media production, analysis and creative exploration.

We like working in different kinds of co-creation sessions where we create together with our clients, but this depends on the client’s needs.

Our service will evolve along with the capabilities of creative AI, but here you find our currently available services.



Using powerful AI tools opens up for co-creation of media. Tailored to your specific needs. This enables quick visualisation of ideas, flexible style exploration, and fast iterations at an affordable cost.


With the help of machine listening, we extract properties like pitch, loudness and timbre from audio content and music. We can then find patterns and/or generate creative visualisations etc.


AI can help us imagine new ways of expression, find unexpected solutions and remix ideas. This makes it a great tool for creative exploration to get the creative juices flowing.