Good Fun

At TOMLIN STUDIO, we believe in the power of combining gaming with purpose to create meaningful impact. Our mission, “Good Fun” encapsulates our commitment to delivering engaging and entertaining experiences that also promote positive change.


What does that mean?

For the moment, we are specialising in creating immersive games and experiences within Fortnite, designed to entertain and inspire. Our projects, such as MUMUverse, blend music and gaming to foster creativity, education, and well-being. We will also soon offer customised game templates and tailored made game experiences for various clients, including music-related organisations, NGOs, educational institutions, wellness companies and brands that stand by our core value of “Good Fun”.


Why We Do It

The interactive generations (generation Alpha and Z) crave fun and meaningful connections. By integrating playful entertainment with important causes, we aim to connect with this generation on a deeper level. We believe that gaming can be a powerful tool for inspiration, education, mental health, and social change. Our projects and services are crafted to inspire, educate, and make a positive impact on our players and partners.


What We Offer

  • MUMUverse: A unique music and gaming project within Fortnite that inspires the next generation of music makers. We are looking for partnerships and brand collaborators in this project!
  • (Soon) Customised Games & Experiences: Tailored game templates (coming soon) and immersive services designed to fit your branding and engagement needs.
  • (Soon) Long-Term Partnerships: Collaborations with music companies, tech companies, educational institutions, brands and wellness organisations to enhance our offerings and create innovative experiences.
  • Freelance Services: Expert UEFN development and Verse programming, available globally to other studios and agencies.

Value to You

You are more than welcome to engage with our innovative projects, join our MUMUverse community on Discord, or collaborate with us to create custom gaming experiences that align with your goals. Whether you are looking to inspire creativity, promote education, or simply entertain, TOMLIN STUDIO provides the tools and expertise to make it happen.

Join us in our mission to make gaming not only fun but also a force for good. Discover how “Good Fun” can make a difference in the interactive generation’s lives and beyond.