We create immersive games and cultural experiences in Fortnite with Epic Games’ Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN). Follow our blog and our social media platforms to follow the journey and be the first to know when a new game or experience is being released.




PARTY HARD [Map code: 5618-0115-1585] is a fun and playful free-for-all (FFA) game in Fortnite with a graphic touch, colorful patterns and a nice music vibe to it (also made by us). Eliminate other players, shoot the disco ball to get rewards and decide for yourself if you want to fight against NPCs (AI non-player characters) or not by switching the bots off.

Have fun and party hard!




KNIGHT OF THE HILL [Map code 0873-0442-746] is an adventure game that takes place in a snowy winterland. Become the KNIGHT OF THE HILL by dominating the icy, slippery hill. As long as the “big eye” sees you, you are the “knight of the hill.”

Stay on top while others fall to earn points, XP, and gold coins. Unlock the formidable ‘Infinity Blade’ after 30 minutes. Hunt boars, gather power-ups and chop trees for gold. A fun and action-filled game to play with your friends or up to 11 other players.




JAM HOUSE [Map code 4507-7088-0098] is a groundbreaking interactive music experience in Fortnite. Here, players become star DJs using Epic Games’ Patchwork tools in a club-style environment.

Mix beats, connect instruments, and control the rhythm live on stage, performing for up to 99 players.

It’s where gaming, creativity, and music unite for an electrifying experience.


AQUA-NEON CITY – The Fight for Tomorrow


AQUA-NEON CITY – The Fight for Tomorrow [Map code: 4639-7425-3122] is a dystopic Fortnite game that takes place in a black world surrounded by water and green polluted capsules.

There is still hope though! Join “Team Good” and be part of the people’s resistance. You can clean up the island. Collect all of the green polluted capsules that are scattered around the city, and the sun will rise again.

Or you can join “Team Bad” and try to stop “Team Good.” It is up to you to decide and take part in your future!