TOMLIN STUDIO is an immersive studio blending gaming with purpose to create impactful experiences. Our projects provide playful entertainment while promoting creativity, education, and well-being.

We believe in “Good Fun” – connecting with an interactive generation wanting to have fun while urging for a better future. Join us and see how fun can make a difference.



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JAM HOUSE Update: New Features to Elevate Your DJ Experience! 🎧

We're thrilled to announce the latest update to JAM HOUSE, our interactive Fortnite music experience! 🌟 Since our initial launch in December, we've added exciting new features that will take your DJ skills to the next level. What's New? Vocals & Song...

Discover DJ BRICK: An Epic Interactive Music Experience in Fortnite

Hey Fortnite fans and music lovers! We are beyond excited to introduce you to DJ BRICK, our latest creation in the MUMUverse project. This innovative Fortnite LEGO music experience is designed to immerse you in a world of electronic dance music (EDM) where you can be...

Conquer the Frost: Become the Ultimate KNIGHT OF THE HILL!

🏰 Welcome to the Epic Saga of KNIGHT OF THE HILL! ❄️ Are you prepared to brave the cold and battle for supremacy in the frostbitten landscapes of KNIGHT OF THE HILL? We just released an updated version of our Fortnite game KNIGHT OF THE HILL...

Jamming in JAM HOUSE

Before the big event this Saturday we decided to try out our latest music game experience called JAM HOUSE a bit by streaming a live jamming session on Twitch (available now on Youtube). It isn't an easy game experience for those who do not know about the music...

🎉The future of Fortnite changes the game

🚀The future of Fortnite started this weekend and will continue this week.🎮 After the big event the "BIG BANG" and its following new chapter 5 of the famous Fortnite game Battle Royal, Fortnite is rolling out THREE mind-blowing experiences that will...

🚀 Reflecting on Fortnite’s the “BIG BANG” Phenomenon 🧱🏁🎵

This weekend was a landmark moment for us at TOMLIN STUDIO. Like many of both players and/or creators, we were glued to our screens, eagerly anticipating Fortnite's "BIG BANG" event or as Epic Games themselves put it the future of Fortnite. Alongside over 11 million...

Conquer the Icy Heights in ‘KNIGHT OF THE HILL’ – A Fortnite Adventure

Conquer the Icy Heights in 'KNIGHT OF THE HILL' - A Fortnite AdventureAnother of our games just got an update and a brand-new thumbnail! Let us properly introduce our game KNIGHT OF THE HILL. An epic adventure mod in a snowy winterland with a hill to conquer covered...

Introducing JAM HOUSE: A New Beat in Fortnite’s Rhythm

JAM HOUSE - A new kind of music experienceWelcome to the future of music and gaming and to our new interactive music experience in Fortnite, called JAM HOUSE! We're beyond excited to launch this innovative experience, merging the adrenaline of gaming with the soul of...

Teaser for our upcoming mod “KNIGHT OF THE HILL”

Here's a sneak peek to our new Fortnite mod called KNIGHT OF THE HILL, available soon!